Our Story

Our Story
We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands.
~ Kristi Larson ~

Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, You didn't grow under my heart - but in it!
~ Fleur Conkling Heylinger ~
Adoption is not the call to have the perfect, rosy family. It is the CALL to Give LOVE, MERCY, and PATIENCE.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Awesome T's

So we finally decided to take the plunge and do a T-shirt fundraiser!  I was a little nervous and had no clue how to even begin designing a tshirt!  But the internet is an amazing source of information and resources!  Found a great site with a user friendly design program!  I think they turned out GREAT!  We will probably be ordering sometime by the end of the week!  Let us know if you are interested by either posting a comment here or messaging me on facebook!  I'm not sure with the holiday rush how reliable or quick the postal service is so not sure when they will be in but I will for sure keep you posted!  I will have a paypal up and running in the next couple days.  You can submit your payment through paypal and just list the sizes you need in the memo section...OR...you can always drop a check into the mail!  Message me if you need my address.  Payment is due before we will deliver - as I'm sure you understand!

Adult shirts are $15 and Kid shirts are $12.
There is an additional charge for shipping of $3 for 1 shirt or $5 for 2 or more.

Men's Shirt
"He is...Father to the Fatherless"
($15 plus shipping)

Women's Shirt
"He Gives.....Hope to the Hopeless"
($15 plus shipping)

Kid's Shirt
"I'm a.....Child of God"
($12 plus shipping)

Thanks everyone for supporting our family!

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